The Joint Tactical Aerial Resupply Vehicle's (JTARV) mission is to deliver a days' worth of basic or emergency supplies to a group of dispersed soldiers, unmanned

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Statement of Need

The Army’s Joint Tactical Aerial Resupply Vehicle (JTARV) is a category 2/3 Unmanned Arial System (UAS) designed for “Last-Mile” resupply of dispersed units. The Army desires research in competing configurations that maximize performance, range and/or payload size. This market research aims to obtain a survey of existing and in-development VTOL UAS with similar payloads that will excel in the aerial resupply mission.

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Problem Statement

A sample operational scenario includes delivering at minimum a days’ worth of basic or emergency supplies (water, food, medical kit) weighing 50 lbs. to two soldiers at least 7km from the aircraft’s take-off location at a resupply point. The 50 lbs. payload and 7km range represent absolute minimums. Desired values are 100 lbs. payload and 45km range. After delivering the payload the aircraft will return to the original departure point.

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Benefit to Tech Vendor

UAS platforms down selected through this market research will be invited to be further evaluated in a flight test in early August to a broad government team. As part of the demonstration, platforms will be required to undergo a free cyber assessment.


Request for Information

FirePoint is a technology-driven innovations center at Wichita State University partnered with the United States Army to accelerate the delivery of innovative capabilities to the warfighter. FirePoint is partnered with the Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation and Missile Center (CCDC AvMC) formerly known as the Aviation and Missile, Research, Development, and Engineering center (AMRDEC) via a Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA).


FirePoint and Miltech Virtual Industry Day have entered into an agreement to support in market research of Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) platforms


See the RFI on the Virtual Industry Day Platform

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